Deck and Patio Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

A deck or patio is a great addition to your home. Outdoor living spaces add value to your property and create functional areas to entertain family and friends. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your deck and patio.

New Deck Railing

To upgrade the look of the deck, install glass panels in place of the balusters. Alternatively, you might install balusters made of different materials like cedarwood or aluminum. Metal is a good choice because it is sturdy and available in a wide range of colors. Depending on the materials you select, you can create a classic style or a modern look.

Add Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture converts a plain deck into a comfortable place to relax and unwind. Cozy seating helps the space feel welcoming and you’ll find your family is more likely to spend time outdoors when the furniture is appealing.

Choose patio furniture based on the primary function of your deck. Do you enjoy entertaining and grilling out? Add an outdoor dining set. If you prefer to relax and enjoy the sun, lounge chairs or a daybed will be a better option. Add weather-resistant pillows and comfortable cushions to further improve the deck or patio.

Create Privacy to Upgrade Your Deck

If you have neighbors close by, make your deck more private. There are several ways to create privacy on the patio or deck. Build a trellis or install a lattice wall and then grow climbing plants to cover the space.

Another option is to plant fast-growing trees. While this solution is not immediate, over the long term you’ll grow an attractive privacy wall. You can also hang curtains or build a wall from discarded pallets. There are plenty of affordable DIY project ideas online.

Light Up Your Deck Or Patio

One of the most affordable ways to upgrade your space is to add lighting. There are countless ways to light up your deck or patio. You’ll find solar options and lanterns that burn paraffin fuel and battery-powered lights.

String lights are another great option for outdoors and they are easy to install. Use LED lighting on the deck rails to illuminate the space. Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of outdoor spaces at night, makes the area safer, and boosts security.

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