Over 2,000 residential building fires are reported each year on Thanksgiving Day. An abundance of cooking and open fires brings more fire hazards than usual. This year, the coronavirus pandemic adds another layer of risk. By taking some common-sense precautions, you can help your family members and friends stay safe on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving May Look Different This Year

2020 hasn’t been a normal year due to COVID-19, and the Center for Disease Control recommends avoiding large gatherings over Thanksgiving. Instead of inviting your extended family to gather at your house, consider making Thanksgiving a smaller event with people you are already in close contact with regularly. Schedule a time for everyone across the country to connect on a video call.

If the weather allows, set up your dining table outdoors this year, especially if you invite people over. Refrain from serving finger foods, or if you do, provide dedicated serving utensils for them. Place bottles of hand sanitizer around and encourage your guests to use it.

Stay Safe on Thanksgiving While Cooking

On Thanksgiving, we often have the oven stuffed full of turkey and casseroles, and pots on every eye of the stove. With so much cooking going on at once, it’s important that someone is supervising the kitchen at all times. Dripping grease can catch fire when no one is looking, and it can quickly turn into an emergency. Keep a Class A-B-C fire extinguisher in the kitchen and check the date to make sure it is not expired.

Deep Frying Turkey

If you are having your Thanksgiving dinner outdoors, you might choose to deep fry the turkey outside. While this is a delicious way to prepare turkey, there are risks involved. Dropping the turkey into a large vat of boiling hot grease can cause serious burns if not done correctly.

Some people make the mistake of dropping a frozen turkey in the fryer, which causes the hot oil to boil over. Make sure the turkey is thoroughly thawed and dry before frying it. Also, you must use thermostat controls or the oil can get so hot that it catches fire. Wear protective gear and set up at least 10-15 feet away from the house, any structures, cars, and trees.

Stay safe on Thanksgiving with these tips so that you’ll have nothing but good memories from the holiday.

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