Each season brings changes to your landscape and your home. As you put away the short sleeves and dig out the sweaters, also start thinking about what needs to be completed around the house. Here are 4 important things to do to prepare your home for fall.

Prepare Your Home for Fall with HVAC Servicing

Have your HVAC service technician come and get the system ready for cooler weather. The company will check the heat pump or furnace, change the filter, and tell you of any needed repairs before you start using the heat.

Cleaning Your Gutters

The bright orange, red, and yellow leaves of fall are beautiful, but the yard isn’t the only place they land. Plenty of them will find their way into your gutters, clogging up the downspouts and causing the gutters to backup or overflow. When this happens, it can damage your home’s siding and foundation.

Check all of your gutters and the downspout connections for leaves and other debris. Scoop and then flush out the debris with a hose until the gutters and downspouts are clean. Make sure the discharge of each downspout directs water away from walking areas and the foundation.

Prepare Your Home for Fall with Lawn Rehab

Many people think of lawn care as a task for spring. However, there is a lot that needs to be done to your lawn in the fall. Fall fertilizer encourages healthy root growth for next spring.

Thin areas of cool-season grasses should be reseeded with a locally-adapted variety. Read up on the best steps for lawn care in the fall so that you can have a healthy, beautiful lawn next summer.

Get Ready for Ice and Snow in Advance

One final step to prepare your home for fall is to brace yourself for the possibility of incoming snow and ice. It will be here before you know it, and once winter hits, it will be harder to get the necessary equipment and supplies.

Purchase ice salt and a good snow shovel now before they are sold out at stores. Make sure that you have ice scrapers for all your vehicles.

Fall is a natural transition from summer to winter, and it comes with some maintenance needs for your home. Prepare your home for fall and you’ll be better equipped for winter.

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