Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection of Your Home

A pre-listing inspection is an examination of your home before you put it on the market. The inspector will assess systems and components of the property, including your HVAC unit, electrical and plumbing systems, and the roof. Here are some great reasons you should order a pre-listing inspection of your home.

Make Repairs Before Listing

A pre-listing home inspection will identify issues that need repair. Whether it’s fixing a window shutter or replacing plumbing pipes, you will know what to do to get your home ready to sell. Making repairs will improve your property’s resale value.

With an inspection, you will also have the opportunity to choose the contractor and materials for whatever repairs are made to your property. You may decide to repair some minor issues yourself, which will save time and money.

Sell Your Home Faster with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Reduce the amount of time your home will be on the market with a pre-listing inspection. You can choose a fair asking price when you know the true condition of the home. Potential buyers will be interested to see the findings of your inspection and may forego their own inspection, speeding the process of selling your house.

Be Ready for Negotiations

A pre-listing inspection will help you keep the negotiations minimal. Since you can show you’ve had an inspection and that the property is in good condition, it’s less likely that a buyer will try to negotiate a lower price. The buyer may still choose to order a home inspection, but you’re better prepared for the findings of that report and any following negotiations.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Makes Marketing Easy

You might learn great news about your property during the pre-listing inspection. You could discover that your plumbing system is in perfect condition, or that the roofing could last for twenty more years before it needs a replacement. These features can be promoted to prospective buyers to make your home more appealing.

The same is true after you make repairs following a pre-listing inspection. You can mention in your listing that your home has a new and efficient HVAC system, brand new wiring, or that the flooring is newly installed. Buyers may be more interested in your property, especially compared to nearby properties that are aging or in need of repairs.

Make Your Buyers More Confident with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Another benefit of a pre-listing inspection is that buyers may be more comfortable making an offer on your home. They’ll know the property was well cared for and that it will be a good investment. Share a copy of your inspection report with the buyer to show them that the property is in good shape with no safety concerns. When they see you as a trustworthy seller, they’ll be more likely to want to do business with you.

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