When you’re preparing to relocate and have placed an offer on a new house, order a home inspection. It’s not uncommon for homes, even newly built ones, to have issues. Hire a professional inspector to assess the house so you’ll better understand the property that you’re about to invest in.

Find Structural Issues With an Inspection

Structural issues are often out of sight and sometimes impossible to detect with an untrained eye. It’s important to hire a professional to inspect your new home to determine the condition of the structural elements. The inspector will identify potential issues that might lead to greater problems down the road.

Check for Safety Concerns

An inspector will assess whether your new home is safe to inhabit and without issues that would put your family at risk. A trained professional inspector is qualified to examine the electrical system for safety. By identifying faulty wiring or overloaded circuits, the home inspector will alert you to safety concerns.

Protect Your Investment When You Order a Home Inspection

Houses are often the biggest investment a person will make and can be costly to own and maintain. A home inspection will help you understand exactly what you’re investing in. By discovering issues, safety concerns, and defects, the inspector makes you aware of any necessary repairs or maintenance. Understand the condition of the property to make the best decision.

Order a Home Inspection for More Negotiating Power

Although a home inspection can cost a few hundred dollars, it may pay for itself because it gives you negotiating power. If the inspector discovers a serious issue, you can renegotiate for a lower price. In some cases, you can request that the seller makes repairs before closing. You’ll get a better deal on the property and save money when the seller makes the repairs.

Discover Leaks

Leaks may seem like minor issues but can lead to significant damage if they’re not resolved quickly. Learn whether the roof needs to be replaced or if the flashing is allowing water into the building. Discovering leaks is the first step in preventing mildew and mold growth, which can lead to health issues. Request that the seller performs any necessary repairs immediately to resolve the problem before closing.

When have a professional inspect your new home, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence that you’re fully informed of its condition. Coastline Home Inspection offers home inspection services to all of the Hampton Roads area. Contact us to request an appointment.