It may seem like burglaries are rare, but according to the FBI, there were over 1.4 million burglaries in the United States in 2017. You deserve to feel safe in your home, but your safety isn’t guaranteed. If you aren’t taking the right precautions, then your home could be vulnerable to burglars. Check out these 6 useful tips to improve home security and protect your family.

Lock Doors and Windows

It may seem obvious to lock your windows and doors, but many burglaries occur precisely because the homeowners forgot to lock up. If your locks are old or cheap, consider upgrading them to improve home security. Always check all doors and windows to make sure they’re locked before leaving your home or going to bed.

Safety When You’re Not Home

Your home is most vulnerable when you’re not there, so it’s good to take extra precautions so that your home doesn’t attract attention. If you’re going on vacation, ask a trusted neighbor or friends to check on your home while you’re gone.

A stack of packages and letters is a telltale sign that nobody’s home. To improve home security, put your mail on hold whenever you plan to be away for an extended time.

Improve Home Security with a Security System

An effective security system will sound an alarm and automatically call emergency services for you. Trespassers are deterred by loud noises and often will leave the scene. Most home security companies will install your system and provide 24-hour surveillance. There are also smart security systems that you can monitor remotely from your devices.

Conceal Your Valuables

When staking out potential targets, burglars will look for valuables in the windows. Expensive electronics, jewelry, antiques, and other high-value items draw a lot of attention to your home.

To improve home security, keep your curtains drawn store your valuables away from your windows. That antique may look nice right by your front window, but it could also potentially attract a thief.

Don’t Hide Your Keys

Hiding a key under the doormat, leaving it in the birdhouse, or keeping it under a rock by the corner of your house won’t keep you safe. It may be useful to have that spare key lying around, but burglars know where to look. If they’re intent on breaking into your home, they will search your property for a hidden key and will likely find it.

Instead, consider installing smart locks that require a key code to unlock. With these locks, you and your family only need the access code to conveniently get into your home.

Motion Lights Improve Home Security

Criminals are less likely to attempt a break-in when they can be seen, so it’s a good idea to install motion lights on your property. Motion lights will alert you when someone is on your property and you can check for suspicious activity. On top of being a great way to improve home security, motion lights make it easier to see at night and keep you and your guests safer.

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