It can be fun to spend a weekend working on home projects. Maybe you tidy up some of the garden beds or repaint the chipped trim in your bathroom. As satisfying as working on your home can be, there are some projects you don’t want to tackle on your own. Here are five home projects for professionals that you’ll be better off outsourcing.

Home Projects for Professionals: Asbestos Removal

If you have floor tiles or insulation in your home from the 1970s or before, don’t remove these materials yourself. There is a good chance they contain a substance called asbestos. When disturbed, asbestos can scatter into the air. If you breathe it in, it can increase your risk of certain lung cancers.

Professional asbestos removal contractors can test these materials and determine if they contain asbestos. If needed, they can then safely remove the materials.

Filling Foundation Cracks

Filling a foundation crack with concrete is not hard. But by simply filling the crack, you’re failing to address the underlying problems that led to the crack in the first place. A structural engineer will figure out why your foundation is cracking. They can then make some changes to secure your foundation and ensure it doesn’t suffer future damage.

Home Projects for Professionals: Rewiring Your Home

Running wiring to a new light or a new appliance may seem simple, but there are a lot of details to consider. Using the wrong wire gauge or touching a live wire could lead to injuries or a fire. Rely on a professional electrician for rewiring projects and any project involving your home’s electrical systems.

Installing Windows

Windows have to be installed very precisely to be secure and efficient. If you don’t install them right, they may leak, leading to mold growth, rot, and other issues. Plus, the warranty on new windows usually requires that professionals install them. Window installation is one of those home projects worth paying a professional to handle.

HVAC-Related Home Projects for Professionals

If your furnace or air conditioner needs repairs, or if you are planning to replace one of these units, call an HVAC company. If these systems are not ventilated properly, it could expose your family to carbon monoxide, a dangerous and deadly gas. A professional will ensure your HVAC system is set up safely, protecting you against fire, shock, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Once the system is installed, change the HVAC filters every 30-90 days.

You can, however, check your own CO detector batteries. Check your smoke detector batteries while you’re at it, too.

If you enjoy tinkering and working on your own home, stick with projects you have the skills and equipment to complete safely. If the project involves wiring, your HVAC system, your foundation, or your windows, it’s best to rely on the professionals.

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