When grilling season rolls around, make sure you are prepared for safety to prevent incidents. Injuries and property damage are possibilities if you don’t take the proper precautions while grilling. These grill safety tips will help keep your home and family safe this summer.

Locations for Grill Safety

For a safe grilling experience, choose the right location to set up your grill. Trees and shrubs are more likely to catch fire during the summer because they become dry in times of extreme heat. Place the grill in an open location clear of trees, awnings, patio furniture, and buildings. Keep the grill at least 10 feet away from any structures.

It is also essential to place the grill on a flat surface. An unstable grill is more likely to be accidentally tipped over. If you store the grill in a covered area, move it out into the open before lighting it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Grill maintenance is key to preventing a flare-up while cooking. Grease builds up and can become a fire hazard. Before each use, remove grease and food particles from the grates and grill box. Never light the grill if you suspect a problem with the propane tank or hose.

Fire Safety

Make sure you always have the equipment to put out a fire near the grill. The best method is a fire extinguisher, but smothering the flames with sand, baking soda, or salt can also be effective. After using the grill, turn off the gas supply. Then, shut off the grill control to release residual gas.

Keep long hair tied back when using the grill, and don’t wear loose or baggy clothing. It’s also necessary to teach children to stay away from the grill. Even young children can learn to keep a distance of at least 10 feet when food is being prepared.

Check for Leaks for Grill Safety

Check for gas or propane leaks with these easy steps. Apply a thin layer of soapy water around the gas tank and hose, then open the gas valve. The solution will start to bubble if there is a leak. Another sign of a propane leak is the smell of gas. If the grill won’t light, but there is gas in the tank, this may be a sign of a leak in the hose. Do not use the grill until it has the lead is repaired.

Keep your family safe while you enjoy cooking out by following these simple grill safety tips.

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